Trade crypto on TimeBit exchange, how to place order on TimeBitex?

Today, I will guide how to place order, trade crypto such as BTC, ETH, KRS on TimeBit exchange?

I. Sign in

You must first access the website: Now you can see the main interface of Timebitex.
– Just click to sign in. If you see welcome box means you’ve successfully signed in

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II. Trade BTC on TimeBit exchange

Let’s find out in which ways can we place orders, trade crypto on TimeBit exchange.
– Click Exchange to see the interface of exchange. And there you go
– Now at Timebit you can find two options for trading, which are Limit and StopLimit
– You might remember on last video, I already made deposit of 0.15 BTC as an example for you to follow

1.  With option Limit

I will instruct you to place Sell order first. You can find here 4 different percentage levels, 25%-50%-75%-100% of total amount you have in your wallet, you pick a certain level that you wish to sell
– In my case, I place an order of 25% of all BTC amount I have in my wallet (=25%*0.15 BTC =0.037 BTC), equals $248.9 at current rate.
* After I click Sell, my order is executed immediately
– You can see my Sell order is on progress
– After your Sell order is done, it will be disappeared. To check if your order is finished, you click Order history (last 7 days). I check mine, it’s already finished
*Now we continue with Buy order
– Similar to Sell, you can find 4 options of 25%-50%-75%-100% for you to choose how much you want to place order
– I choose to place 100% of my USDT (~$248.67)
– After placing my order, I click Buy button then it’s immediately placed here
– You can see my Buy order is executing. And here it’s already done

2.With option StopLimit

So we’ve just gone through my instruction with Limit option, now we move on with StopLimit
– With this function, for example, if I place my Stop order at $6633, then when BTC reaches that price, I would be able to place my Limit order at $6628
– After that you can click Sell for execution
– Your order will be placed here and when your Stop price reaches $6633 then your Sell order at $6628 would be placed
– As you can see, at the moment the price has just reached $6633, Sell order at $6628 is executed instantly
– So my StopLimit Sell order at $6628 has just finished
– It is similar to Sell when you want to place Buy order with StopLimit. You just place the prices you wish at Stop and Limit, then you click Buy for the order being executed
– Here my Buy order is also done
I hope you enjoy my video today and understand well about 2 different trading functions on Timebitex
Always wish you gaining more and more BTC and see you on next video.
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