TimeBit International Investors Conference 2019 – Network Marketing

On December 10th, 2019, the TimeBit International Investors Conference 2019 took place at Crowne Plaza Hanoi, bringing together a large number of potential investors from many countries around the world, promising the success of individuals and collectives in the cryptocurrency market in the near future.

1. The TimeBit 2019 international investor conference attracted nearly 300 guests from all around the world

With the goal of cooperation and sustainable development on the platform of the cryptocurrency market, Timebitex has planned and conducted the global conference “TimeBit International Investors 2019″. The conference also aims to show the support of individuals and organizations for the TimeBit exchange in the current cryptocurrency market.

As scheduled, on the afternoon of December 10th, 2019, guests and investors from many countries around the world were present at the Crowne Plaza Hanoi Hotel to attend the conference. After the check-in time, the number of participants including investors and representatives of TimeBit Corporation reached 270 people, including names that were once investors for many platforms and markets great from world such as China, Mailaysia, Philippines, Korea,…

Before the event was officially held, partners, investor representatives spent time taking souvenir photos, exchanging with TimeBit leadership.

TimeBit International Investors
TimeBit representatives took souvenir photos with investors from Korea.
timebit conference
TimeBit representatives took souvenir photos with investors from Viet Nam.

2. Journey to conquer the global market

At the TimeBit International Investors Conference, the representative of TimeBit gave an overview speech showing the current situation and future vision of TimeBit. Besides, there is an attractive Promotion introduction, which is widely watched by interested guests and investors.

Timebit leader
Speech of Mr Trang representative of TimeBitex.
Investors and guests were listenning attentively and watching the program.

Continuing the content of the program is the discussion of foreign partners, introducing the orientation for the development of the entire platform.

traditional exchange
timebit exchange
timebit 1
timebit 2

In particular, also at the event, TimeBit representatives awarded 2 Mercedes-benz cars and 1 Vinhome house worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to 2 excellent leaders from Korea who promoted to 4 stars in November, Mr. Baek. Jong Han and Mrs Kim Ok Sun.

timebit 3
timebit 4

Some other photos of the conference:

timebit 6
timebit 7
timebit 8
timebit 9
timebit 10

At the end of the conference, TimeBit Corporation and related parties have reached an agreement on terms of cooperation in the near future in order to develop TimeBit trading platform in many different directions, promising to bring to long-term profits, solidity in the foundation for investors.