Timebit cryptocurrency exchange cooperates with other exchanges

Timebit cryptocurrency exchange — Along with the development of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, a series of cryptocurrency exchanges have been launched to solve the liquidity problem for the market, helping to exchange digital assets between investors. However, cryptocurrency exchanges are currently facing major problems, especially for small and medium-sized ones. Whales alliance, or the giants in the virtual money market, always manipulates and changes the price each time appears. Beside, trading volume always belongs to large exchanges, making other small exchanges almost no transactions, or if any, it is only fake trading volume.

To solve that problem, Timebit has developed Timebit Cloud system to open up new directions for today’s crypto trading platform. Timebit Cloud can be simply understood as that the central exchange, connecting partner exchanges, in order to link liquidity, increase trading volume for the entire system. Thereby, both the affiliate and central exchange Timebit will enjoy benefit from this cooperation model.

Applying the most advanced technology, users will have the best trading experience at Timebit Cloud, with extremely high speeds up to 2.7 million transactions per second along with low transaction costs.


TimeBit’s  representative signing MOU with partner exchanges

Currently, MOU signing with cooperation exchanges is going on actively. It is expected that by the middle of December, the first cooperation exchanges will come into operation link. In particular, 70% of transaction costs gained through this affiliate link will be shared back to Timebit users. Thereby, Timebitex Cloud or Timebit cryptocurrency exchange will open a whole new era for cryptocurrency exchanges, where users can enjoy the most practical benefits.