Korean TimeBit partners delegation visited representative office in Hanoi

TimeBit representative office  – On the afternoon of December 11th, 2019, representatives of Korean TimeBit partners had a short visit and working with the staff and leadership representatives of TimeBit Company in Hanoi.

On the common ground of the cryptocurrency market and especially the TimeBit exchange, Korea is an important partner, with quite a large influence. The Korean market is where investors place a lot of faith in, as more than 40% of our customer market share is Korean. At the same time, the Korean partners also showed their economic potential and leadership qualities when 2 of the nearly 80 representatives present on the afternoon of December 11, the Leader, had promoted to 4 stars in November.

Some photos of the visit:

TimeBit Company
Representative of TimeBit partners delegation took a picture in front of the company.
Korean partners
CEO Trung Trang took photos with our Korean partners
Korean partners
Korean partners representative checked in at the company lobby

The visit only took a short time but helped the employees here have the experience of working with professional leaders on the Timebit trading platform in particular and the cryptocurrency market in general. It is an opportunity for the two partners to better understand how their work, wishes and projects have been, are, and will be implemented together in the near future. At the same time, confirming the professionalism of the people working at TimeBit representative office in Vietnam, promising expansion and success in the near future.