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TimeBitex exchange - crypto trading platform

Blockchain Consulting

We have built internal capacity and expertise to realize the full potential of this revolutionary new technology.

Building a cryptocurrency exchange

Cost effective and low development to build a cryptocurrency exchange platform

Cryptocurrency development

Position your business to grow with the future of digital deals.

Develop electronic wallet

Develop all aspects of wallet development, from design and functionality to security and user experience, to provide a flexible and secure wallet infrastructure.

TimeBit blockchain solution

TimeBit is a Blockchain development company specialized in building cryptocurrency exchange platforms and customized Blockchain application development services.

Blockchain Benefits

New Business Value

We know how precious time is when it comes to Trading. Now enjoy all the features of TimeBit’s powerful Cryptocurrency Exchange at the palm of your hands. Download the TimeBitex mobile app today.

Reduced Risk

Create transactions using a distributed, immutable & permissioned ledger. Customize digital agreements called smart contracts to streamline & automate processes like payment settlement, ID verification and legal arbitration.

Trusted Ecosystem

Build a network where data is tamper-proof, reliable and more accessible. The transactions among partners on the network are traceable and verifiable, building an ecosystem of trust with partners, suppliers and customers.

TimeBitex exchange – Crypto exchange platform

Gathering a strong developer team, TimeBit have started as a crypto exchange platform. However, getting acknowledge some issues from crypto market, especially the monopoly power from big exchange platforms, we use our experience to create the Cloud exchange system, to connect all exchange around the world to develop together, dismiss the major concern of crypto exchanges. Our rigorous research, design thinking-driven approach and unmatched solutions in strategy, consulting, technology and operations create an innovative roadmap to help enterprises worldwide develop all blockchain-driven systems. We are driven by the aim to identify and seize opportunities from disruption to deliver transformational outcomes for a new decentralized digital world.

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