How to withdraw money on Timebitex to another BTC wallet?

This is an instructional post on how to withdraw money on Timebitex, instruction to withdraw money to another BTC wallet.

1. Access the website:

First, you must access the website:
Now you can see the main interface of Timebitex. Just click Sign in to sign in TimeBit Exchange
If you’re here means you’ve successfully signed in.

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2. Withdraw money on Timebitex

Let’s explore how can we withdraw money on Timebitex
First you should transfer your money from exchange account to main one by clicking Exchange account
In my case I’m having 0.15BTC in my exchange account, now I do the transfer to my main account, then I can withdraw it to another BTC wallet of mine
You just need to click Transfer button to start
Then you click here to perform the transfer from exchange account to main account
Put the BTC amount that you wish to transfer and click Transfer button
There you go, you can see a successful transfer notification
Next, you access to your main account to withdraw
Click Withdraw button then a screen like this will appear
Put receiving BTC wallet address here
At Amount field, you put the number of BTC you want to withdraw
And this is withdrawal fee you have to pay for this transaction
To continue, you click Withdraw button, a notification will show up to confirm
You click Send, then open your email inbox to get a code
This is the confirmation code
Back to Timebitex screen, you put the code and click Confirm button
Your transaction has just been placed successfully
Now it’s on progress waiting for execution
I hope you enjoy my video and now you know how to withdraw your money on Timebitex
Always wish you gaining more and more BTC and see you on next video

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