How to make deposit into TimeBitex trading platform?

TimeBitex is crypto exchange, where to buy and sell cryptocurrency, purchase btc, eth, krs token fast, convenient & easy. This is an instructional article about how to make deposit into Timebitex trading platform. 

1. Sign in Timebit exchange

To start, you must first access the website: Now you can see the main interface of Timebitex and click to sign in.
Then enter your email and password that you registered in the box, finally click sign in. If you’re here means you’ve successfully signed in.
Let’s see which functions Timebitex has. See detail on this video:

2. Deposit into Timebitex

Today, it’s time for discovering Deposit part.
– At Balance, you click to Exchange account.
– At this interface, Timebit shows you which coins you can use to make deposit into Timebitex, like BCH, ETH, KRS, BTC, USDT
I will guide you to make deposit with BTC, you can do the same way with other coins.
– To make deposit with Btc, you come to the BTC line and click to Deposit.
– Next, Btc deposit notice board will appear. You click Generate to get your wallet address.
Please note that this wallet address was given to you by Timebitex before for you to store your coins.
– There are two options for you to choose to makedeposit:
(1) a sequence of encrypted digits or
(2) use this QR code
– Now you copy this address
I’m going to transfer BTC to that address as an expamle for you to understand easily. There you go, 0.15 BTC has just been transferred and already in my Timebitex wallet
To start trading, you must transfer the money from your main account to exchange account. This step is free of charge.
– Then, you click to Tranfer. The transfer tab appears, you can put the amount you wish to transfer here. For example, I choose to transfer all my money of 0.15 BTC
– After that, you click Tranfer to execute order. When you see this means your transfer is done successfully.
This is BTC amount that you’ve just transferred from your main account to exchange account
Then, you click to homepage and click to Exchange to go to exchange interface. And this is exchange interface of Timebitex
Down there you can see the BTC amount I’ve just deposited onto the exchange and now I can use it to place buy and sell orders, as well as trading to other coins.
So my instructional video today on how to make deposit into Timebitex is coming to an end.
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Bye guys and see you on next videos. I wish you gaining more and more BTC with Timebitex!